Tangie Goji – AA+ (small buds)

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Hybrid StrainHybrid

THC: 16% – 23%

Tangie Goji is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Goji and Tangie strains. Tangie Goji packs a super sour and sweet tropical citrus flavor with hints of rich spicy tangerine and a touch of earth upon exhale. The aroma is of fresh earth and sour citrus with a spicy pungency that’s accented by sharp tangerine and tropical fruits.

The high starts with a rush of lifted euphoria that fills you with a sense of giggly happiness and ease. You’ll feel a deep physical relaxation begin to wash over you as your head soars higher and higher into stoney unfocused bliss, leaving you totally calm and kicking back for hours on end. Thanks to these effects and its high 16-23% average THC level and super high 5-10% CBD level, Tangie Goji is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as inflammation, chronic fatigue, migraines or headaches, glaucoma, chronic stress or anxiety, and depression.

Flavour/Aroma: Citrus, Earthy, Herbal, Sour, Spicy and Tropical

Effects: Euphoria, Giggly, Relaxing and Uplifting

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