Pre-Rolled “Sugar Leaf” Joints

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Pre-Rolled “Sugar Leaf” Joints, are machine made with the Futurolla Knockbox using RAW CONES and Sugar Leaf from the highest quality AAAA quality flowers

Each Joint Contains: approximately 0.5 grams of Sugar Leaf.

Attention ** Sugar Leaf Joints are not the same as B.O.B. joints (Bottom Of The Bag Joints), instead of being made with the broken buds on the bottom of a bag, they are made with Sugar Leaf.  Yes they burn clean and get you high, but the smoke will be harsher than the smoke from the buds are; that is why they are so affordable.  ** Attention



Sugar leaves are small leaves that grow out of your buds. They aren’t the large fan leaves you see protruding from branches on the plant, they are more hidden, with only their tips peaking through.

The title “sugar leaves” comes from the white coating of delicious trichomes they have at the end of the flowering phase. While fan leaves also have trichomes, they are far less concentrated and therefore, less potent.


Sugar leaves will absolutely yield a harsher smoke. If you smoke them by themselves, the joint will not taste nearly as good as the buds they came from, nor will it be smooth on your throat.

Although containing THC, sugar leaves are less concentrated than the flower and contain excess amounts of chlorophyll and other trace elements that contribute to a plant-like taste.

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