Magic Mushrooms – White Rabbit

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White Rabbit magic mushrooms were created by a group of mycologists in Holland.  The story goes that this group made White Rabbit by crossing two heavyweight strains—Albino Penis Envy (APE) and Moby Dick. Both of these strains are renowned for their incredible potency and stunning looks. Albino Penis Envy is a strain that’s already a legend due to its frosty white looks and incredible potency. Moby Dick, on the other hand, is a strain that’s also making huge waves in the magic mushroom community. That’s because Moby Dick is a strain that also lacks pigment and has incredible effects.

With these two strains combined, White Rabbit magic mushrooms take the best of both worlds by.  After consuming White Rabbit magic mushrooms, the psilocybin will start to take hold. You’ll find that White Rabbit is a strain that is intensely visual, euphoric, and has a noticeable spiritual aspect.

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Note* Mushrooms can be eaten whole or prepared into a tea. Instructions Below


You Will Need:

  •  A Stove
  •  Magic Mushrooms (Approx. 5-6g Per 1.5-2 Cups of Water)
  • 2 pots (to boil your water/Strain into)
  • Strainer
  • Bag of tea (Your Preferred Flavour)
  • 1 Mug if you are new to this, do not worry, as this is quite simple.


  • Step 1 – Add about 1.5-2 cups of water into a pot and set the stove to boil
  • Step 2 – Once the water has boiled for a little while, set to simmer. Now, add your Mushrooms. (note: Mushrooms Can be crushed/Cut up OR used whole. This is entirely based on Personal preference, as both whole or sliced mushrooms work equally well.)
  • Step 3 – Stir the mushrooms once every minute or so for about 10- 15 minutes. Keep the temperature on simmer.
  • Step 4 (Teabag is optional) – Strain The Liquid Into your second Pot if you would like to add a standard tea bag to enhance the flavour. (If not, strain directly into your mug and Consume at appropriate temperature.) If you wish, Add a tea bag of Your Choice into your second pot and strain the liquid into it. Let it simmer for Approx 2 Min. Tea is now Complete and Ready for consumption.

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