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High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction, better known as HTFSE, are a sensory overload of cannabis molecules. Full spectrum extract begins from a fully dewaxed BHO oil. We then allow the terpenes to separate at room temperature while THCA boulders begin to isolate. After this separation begins, we split the two substances and reintroduce them, amplifying the flavour and character of the product.

Live resin is a type of butane hash oil extracted from fresh cannabis plants that have been frozen immediately after harvest. Cannabis plants, while fresh, contain a different collection of terpenes than cannabis that has undergone a more traditional curing process.


 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Strawberry is a mostly sativa  dominant hybrid strain with a pungent fruity scent and uplifting effects.  This tasty bud is best known for its insanely delicious taste that has been said to be like eating a cup of freshly picked strawberries covered in sugar and whipped cream, but with a slightly earthy aftertaste. The aroma is just as mouthwatering, with a notable strawberry bouquet that has a slightly earthy effect when the bud is smoked.

The Strawberry high has a great combination of both indica and sativa effects; the high hits you with an uplifting cerebral head buzz that builds without any sense of paranoia or anxiety.  This is accompanied by a slowly building body buzz that offers complete relaxation and erases all of your physical pain. Due to these relatively mild effects,  Strawberry is often used for treating chronic stress, pain, mild cases of depression, and chronic fatigue.  Consumers prone to anxiety choose Strawberry for its stress-relieving qualities without the jarring paranoia common among high THC strains. Comfortable and relaxing, Strawberry brings physical and mental relief to patients treating symptoms mild or severe.

Flavour/Aroma: Strawberry, Berry and Flower

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Creative, Energetic and Relaxed

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