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Indica Dominant Hybrid

Fruity Slimer OG is an award winning indica dominant strain that was created by crossing the Fruity Pebbles strain with Slimer OG.  This flower smells sweet, earthy and citrusy with a  pungent herbal after taste.

Fruity Pebbles OG is a slightly indica dominant strain that was created by crossing 4 strains, a Green Ribbon strain crossed with Granddaddy Purps and a Tahoe OG crossed with Alien Kush. Fruity Pebbles has a sweet, tropical scent, similar to citrus and berries. Breaking the buds open yields a more spicy, hashy scent. The smoke from this strain is smooth when drawn through a joint or a pipe and it has a sugary, fruity aftertaste.  Fruity Pebbles typically provides a hybrid-type high that takes hold quickly, with a soft but strong body buzz that can provide relaxation and some spacey, psychedelic effects. Many fans of the strains describe a strange physical sensation and a sharpening of the senses and a heightened awareness that can lend itself to stimulating conversation, creative projects, or even exercise. However, the more indica-dominant varieties of Fruity Pebbles have the capacity to produce produce heavy body highs that cause couchlock. In general, these strains may be effective medication for pain, mood disorders, migraines, and attention deficit disorders. Indica-leaning phenotypes are also very helpful in relieving insomnia, and easing mental tension.

Slimer OG, also known more commonly as “Slimer” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the powerful Ghost OG X White Fire Alien OG. With a super potent THC level that typically falls between 15-22% and heavy-hitting effects, Slimer OG is one bud that is not to be underestimated. The high hits you slowly with a creeping effect that suddenly washes over you and pulls you into a state of slightly stoney euphoria that’s also somehow relaxing. You’ll be hit with creative inspiration in this state, filling your mind with wild visions and artistic thought that you really won’t be able to act on thanks to a deep body high. These hard-hitting effects and its high THC level give Slimer OG an edge in treating a variety of conditions including appetite loss, depression, cramps, chronic pain, and headaches or migraines. This bud has an earthy floral Kush flavour with a sweet exhale that sticks to your tongue. The aroma is slightly pungent with a Kushy skunky effect that’s accented by sweet florals and earth.

Flavour: Sweet, Earthy, Citrus, Herbal and Pungent

Effects: Relaxed, Creative and Euphoric, Happy and Relaxed


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