Frosted Fruit Cake – AAAA

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Indica Dominant Hybrid StrainIndica Dominant Hybrid

THC: 22% – 26%

Frosted Fruit Cake is an Indica dominate hybrid strain that was made through a cross of the Fruity Pebbles and Wedding Cake strains.  Frosted Fruit Cake Strain has an overly sweet cake flavour with a smooth strawberry breathe out. The smell is basically the same, although with a dash of zesty diesel and gas to it, as well.

As the high settles, euphoria will take over with the Indica also kicking in at the same time as the cerebral effects. Due to its beautifully balanced hybrid effects, many users use this strain to participate in activities that include exercise, being creative, and especially sex. Many couples love to use this strain for sex. As you have more sessions and time passes, you’ll start to feel the the indica effects take over. You’ll feel relaxed but not couch locked.

Flavour/Aroma: Fruity, Diesel, Creamy and Earthy

Effects: Relaxed, Creative and Euphoric

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