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Weed crumble is a cannabis concentrate that boasts a unique texture and very high levels of THC. It usually has a yellow color with a crumbly texture, hence the name. Some users also refer to weed crumble as crumble wax or honeycomb wax as its appearance and texture share a lot in common with honeycomb.

Like with other concentrates, it compresses marijuana into a much more potent form for stronger effects. While your average strain of bud generally has THC levels of anywhere from 15-25%, high-quality crumble can reach levels of up to 90%. As such, you can expect some intense effects when you use it.

You can enjoy weed crumble in many ways. Its honeycomb-like texture makes it easy to crumble apart with your hands, and you only need to use a small piece to get the desired effects. Many use it for a powerful recreational high that gives you euphoric psychoactive effects for hours. However, medical users can also benefit from crumble as it’ll give you relief for pain, stress, depression, and many other symptoms.


BOG Bubble is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Bubble Gum strain with itself (Bubble Gum X Bubble Gum).  BOG Bubble definitely takes after Bubble Gum in its effects, which are a well-balanced mix of indica and sativa that serves to relax both the mind and the body.  Like it’s parent, this bud has a super delicious smell much like fruity bubblegum with a slightly earthy floral tinge. The taste is very much the same and is said to be like chewing a stick of super sweet blueberry flavoured bubblegum.

The high starts with an uplifting euphoric effect that leaves you happy and slightly hazy. This haziness will slowly spread throughout the rest of the body with a tingly buzzing effect that serves to completely relax you, leaving you helplessly couch-locked and completely sedated. As the high fades, you’ll often find yourself lulled into a deep and peaceful sleep that lasts uninterrupted for hours on end.  These effects and its moderate 15-19% THC level make BOG Bubble the perfect bud for treating insomnia, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Flavour: Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Fruity and Sweet

Effects: Energizing, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing and Uplifting

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How to Use Weed Crumble

First-time users might be a little confused when they first see weed crumble. What’s the best way to use it? One of the key benefits of crumble is that it’s a very versatile cannabis product which you can use in many ways. All of these can give you some very enjoyable effects, although some methods produce a stronger THC high than others.

Smoking – If you want to keep things nice and simple, you can simply smoke weed crumble. While it won’t burn well on its own, you can mix it up with some dry cannabis in a joint or spliff to enjoy more potent effects. Alternatively, you can mix it in with your bud in a bong or pipe, light up, and inhale. This’ll give an extra potent kick to your cannabis.

Vaping – Providing that you have the right equipment, you can also vape weed crumble. Many vaporizers and vape pens now come with chambers specifically for cannabis concentrates. You can crumble up a little bit of weed crumble, add it to your chamber, and heat it to inhale the THC-rich vapor. This will give you some extra flavor as well as stronger effects than smoking.

Dabbing – Arguably the best way to use weed crumble is with a dab rig or dab pen. A dab rig is a tool that somewhat resembles a bong designed for use with high-potency concentrates. You apply a small amount of crumble to a metal nail, which you then heat with a blowtorch before inhaling through the mouthpiece. This will hit you hard and the high may be overpowering for first-timers. However, it lets you feel the effects of THC at their most potent.

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